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Tyris Therapeutics obtiene financiación de la AVI

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Tyris Therapeutics obtiene financiación de la AVI para la investigación de nuevas terapias destinadas al tratamiento de trastornos hemorrágicos

Valencia a 30/08/2021

Tyris Therapeutics, empresa valenciana dedicada al desarrollo de terapias génicas no virales, ha sido recientemente seleccionada por la Agencia Valenciana de Innovación, para el desarrollo de nuevos agentes farmacológicos para pacientes con trastornos hemorrágicos.

Este proyecto ha sido distinguido dentro del programa de Consolidación del Programa de Valor (2021-2023) dirigido al fortalecimiento y desarrollo del Sistema Valenciano de Innovación para la mejora del modelo productivo de la región.

La concesión de esta ayuda supone un gran impulso para Tyris Therapeutics en su objetivo de crear las mejores alternativas terapéuticas para enfermedades de origen genético.

Tyris Therapeutics has been awarded a grant by the AVI for the research of new therapies targeting hemorrhagic disorders

Valencia, 30/08/2021

Tyris Therapeutics, a Valencia-based company focused on the development of next generation non-viral gene therapies, has been recently selected by the Valencian Agency for Innovation (Agencia Valencia de Innovación – AVI) for the development of new therapeutic agents for patients suffering from hemorrhagic disorders.

This project has been designated within the Consolidation Value Program (2021-2023), for the purposes of strengthening and developing the Valencian Innovation System and the improvement of the productive model of the region.

The award of this grant represents a major milestone for Tyris Therapeutics in its pursuit of creating the best therapeutic alternatives for geneticbased diseases.

About Tyris

Founded in 2020, and fully owned by Columbus Venture Partners (, Tyris Therapeutics SL is a privately held, fully integrated non-viral DNA-based gene therapy company dedicated to developing life-saving medicines.

Tyris’ DNA-based medicines platform includes proprietary technology to

i) produce linear closed DNA, just containing the sequence of interest, and

ii) novel non-viral vectors which have no limitation in cargo capacity and enables re-administration of any gene therapy treatment; thus, overcoming current challenges in viral gene therapy, achieving more efficient and safer therapeutics for any genetic disease.

Its pipeline covers a diverse preclinical portfolio initially focused on dermatological indications as well as on renal, hematological and pulmonary therapeutic indications.

In addition, Tyris is also exploring new horizons from a DNA-based perspective (eg vaccines, CAR-Ts or MAbs). Headquarters and main R&D laboratories are located in Valencia (Spain).

Tyris Media Contact: Ana Elcarte -Phone: (+34) 91 057 1655

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