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Our proprietary platform combines pioneering oDNA™ with innovative non-viral vector technology

allowing us to progress re-dosable gene therapies with drug titration capabilities and engineered tropism to reach the targeted cells whatever the size of the gene involved.

Tyris Pipeline

In vitro              In vivo
Pre-clinical Development
Systemic Delivery
Hemophilia A/
Factor VIII
Local Delivery
Epidermolysis Bullosa/
Collagen VII

Tyris Pipeline

Proprietary oDNA™

Tyris proprietary oDNA™ is an unprecedented synthetic linear closed DNA format.


what is it?

Our oDNA are only made of the transgene (e.g. gene of interest, promoter, enhancer) and other key sequences if required (e.g. ITRs), along with our proprietary adaptors.


What does it do?

Provides a unique differentiation over plasmid and other DNA formats, since it can be uniquely optimized on a project basis for achieving an unprecedented modulation and enhancement of desired transgene properties.

Non-Viral delivery technology

Provides versatile nanosized 3D architecture and broad functionality possibilities.


Does not trigger immune response


Unlimited cargo loading capacity


Engineered and functionalized to targeted biodistribution and cell delivery 

Next generation gene therapy

Our unique technology platform enables us to progress ground-breaking gene therapies with life-changing benefits not only for patients suffering from diseases already addressed by existing gene therapies, but also for those left with no treatment because of current platforms limitations.

Redosing ability to provide lifelong control of the disease

Drug titration to deliver personalized treatment response

Targeted biodistribution to organs and specific cell types

No transgene size limitation to tackle a wide range of diseases

oDNA™ versatile modulation of transgene properties

oDNA™ free of antibiotic resistance and any bacterial sequences

Proprietary Manufacturing

Simplified, efficient and scalable
GMP cell-free manufacturing process.