Platform for Next Generation DNA-based Therapies

Novel & Proprietary oDNA

  • Linear closed DNA, just the sequence of interest: oDNA
  • Project-based adaptors: “drug-like”
  • IP, oDNA for any indication/application

Proprietary GMP Manufacture

  • oDNA. Scalable cell-free synthesis
  • NVV. Scalable and reproducible production
  • Polyplex. Scalable manufacture

Novel & Proprietary NVV

  • Polypeptide-based Non-Viral Vectors (NVV)
  • Project-based customization:
    • Tropism
    • Modulation of physchem properties
  • IP, NVV to deliver any oDNA

Novel & Proprietary Therapeutic agents

  • Polyplex (oDNA & NVV): Therapeutic agent
  • Any cargo size
  • Re-dosing
  • IP, based on project-based polyplex

Our Mission

To provide the next generation of medicines 

To treat any genetic disease

  • No limit of transgene size
  • Re-dosing
  • Local & systemic delivery
  • Customizable tropism
  • Safer DNA
  • Storage & Handling requirements
  • Scalable GMP production

To open new horizons for current therapeutic approaches

  • CAR-Ts
  • MAbs
  • Vaccines

Our Vision

Non-viral DNA-based Medicines, a novel strategy
to overcome current challenges and achieve the mission

Keystones to Tyris technological platform