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Tyris oDNA™ or “optimized DNA” is an unprecedented linear closed DNA format

oDNA™  is a pioneering synthetic double stranded linear closed DNA made of the transgene, surrounded by proprietary loops called “adaptors”. 

Proprietary oDNA™

Our adaptors are made of both natural and non-natural nucleotides, it can be uniquely optimized on a project basis for achieving an unprecedented modulation and enhancement of desired transgene properties. 


Our oDNATM are only made of the transgene (e.g. gene of interest, promoter, enhancer) sequences


If required, other key sequences  (e.g. ITRs) can be integrated along with our proprietary adaptors


Additionally, oDNA are free of antibiotic resistance and any bacterial sequences.  

Defining the future

We have developed a library of oDNA adaptors and are constantly enriching it to enhance different properties (i.e. including persistence, nuclear translocation, etc.) together with exploring diverse functional response on various organ representative cell types.

Our oDNA can be specifically delivered to targeted cells using our exclusively partnered innovative non-viral delivery technology or other widespread delivery platforms